Friday, February 26, 2010


This should be on every channel every day.  Why does Britain get it and we dont....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good start to a cool photo blog



See more images from a book he's been working on for four years.

scott pommier's photo blog of chopper pictures

I love ridin vids...

From the Bolts Action blog (Now in English) ...see list in my blogroll

What I'm shootin for

Here is a photochopped version of my shovel.  Changes required to get here:
  • 16" 10 spoke invaders
  • cutting skirt off my seat
  • new seat springs
  • 7metalWest rear fender
  • shaving front legs
Things that need to be done not shown in the pic:
  • fab up 2into1 exhaust with cocktail shaker upswept muffler
  • redo forward controls move m/c
  • strip all controls from bars except front brake lever and throttle
  • add jockey shifter
  • move clutch cable to left pedal
  • Decide on type of bars...thinking zbars
  • decide on paint (or complete lack of paint)